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the present times are challenging for everybody. For women even more. Especially in Poland where political debate and administrative practice often aim to reduce the rights and funding for the organizations that support them. The Katarzyna Kozyra Foundation, as you know, was created to support the work of its founder and female artists in general, especially young people, when they need more support and guidance. Many of its initiatives, such as the series of exhibtions Women Commentators, gave voice to young Russian and Ukrainian artists, where freedom of expression is not always allowed. One of the most recent projects done by the Foundation, Little Chance to Advance, has clearly shown an enormous underrepresentation of women among Art Academia teachers. The cuts in financing NGO's for social and cultural support for women make the action of the Katarzyna Kozyra Foundation even more necessary. That is why I ask you to join our foundation support program with a donation of minimum 1000 zloty to allow the foundation to implement a program to support women artists consisting of research projects, residences, exhibitions and seminars listed below.

As a sign of gratitude for your commitment, we will honor you with the exclusive access to a range of specially dedicated activities organized by the Foundation and the possibility of getting a piece of my work.

I thank you so much for your support, which will allow many artists to continue working, developing, and hoping for a better future.

Katarzyna Kozyra 


  • A newsletter listing the most up to date information about events dedicated to women in the field of art and culture organized by KKF, its partner foreign organizations and most significant institutions focused on the topic of women in art. KKF newsletter will also report the stages of research conducted by the foundation regarding the situation of women artists on the artistic scene and the art market.
  • Exclusive invitations to the private views of Katarzyna Kozyra's exhibitions in the galleries and art institutions around the world.
  • Personal invitations to join closed seminar sessions in Warsaw with the participation of the outstanding artists and prominent critics, philosophers and writers.
  • A copy of selected book publication released by the Katarzyna Kozyra Foundation and discounts on other KKF products.
  • Personal invitations to all the events organized by the Katarzyna Kozyra Foundation.
  • Invitations to special FRIENDS meetings.

FRIENDS, support:


The apparently equal presence of women in the cultural system is a very fragile situation that requires always a control. As a continuation of the „Little Chance to Advance” survey from 2016, Katarzyna Kozyra Foundation will monitor the situation of women in selected areas of cultural life in Poland in the changing situation after 2015. We will analyze the changes taking place in the management teams in cultural institutions, the presence of women in public institutions competitions and in private galleries, the different earnings of females compared to males and other things.


The Katarzyna Kozyra Foundation is working on producing artworks, organizing an award and a few artistic residencies for young female artists.


The project that aims to create an online archive and a plat- form for cooperation between artists and art institutions in Central and Eastern Europe in order to discover, rediscover and promote the most valuable women artists.


A series of seminars and lectures finalized to rediscover great women (artists, philosophers, scientists) that produced colossal changes in the society, but are at the present times mainly unknown.

Join the Foundation FRIENDS program today: you will show that you are a responsible person, taking care of the problem of equality between men and women. But you will also help to realize some more tangible projects that will reduce unequality. 


Katarzyna Kozyra has dedicated a unique collection of pieces of her art works to thank the FRIENDS, program supporters. As a sign of gratitude you may choose a photograph prepared from the selection of 18 different artworks, a total of 29 photographs [210×297mm printed on 297×420mm Hannemuhle paper] signed and numbered by Katarzyna Kozyra in series of 14 separate works (in Arabic numbers) and 6 complete series (in Roman numbers), reflecting the artist's lifetime career. 

FRIENDS, photographs collection contains Kozyra's most famous pieces such as Pyramid of Animals (1993), Olympia (1996) or the Bathhouse (1997) for which the artist received an honourable mention, one of the highest distinctions ever received by a Polish artist at the Venice Biennial, as well as Kozyra’s first work ever presented at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts Objects [Helmets] (1991) a portrait of her friend and roommate from the flat on Rakowiecka Street in Warsaw, taken during the fourth year of her studies at the Faculty of Sculpture, in time when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma Karaski in Bedclothes (1992) and the latest project Looking for Jesus (2018). 

To preview FRIENDS collection, please contact us via following email:


Katarzyna Kozyra Foundation

ul. Bukowa 12

02-708 Warsaw, Poland 

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