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Secondary Archive – Platform for Central and Eastern European Women Artists: Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and Visegrad countries

On the 27th of October, 144 female artists from Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and the Visegrad Group countries – the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, will join the Secondary Archive project. The platform shows the works of female artists from the region of Central and Eastern Europe, mainly by creating space for first-person statements by female artists. The October edition was created thanks to the cooperation of the Katarzyna Kozyra Foundation with international partners – Tirana Art Lab (Albania), MeetFactory (Czech Republic), Easttopics (Hungary), Oral History Initative (Kosovo), Center for Cultural Decontamination (Serbia), Björsanova (Slovakia) and thanks to the support of the International Visegrad Fund. After its inauguration on 27th of October, the archive will bring together nearly 500 female artists and 9 international partners, making it one of the largest online archives of women’s art from the Central and Eastern Europe region.


After a very fruitful year with the launch of the Ukrainian and Belarusian artists in February and exhibition at the Manifesta 14 Biennale, it is time to celebrate the launch of yet another, pressingly important expansion in the Balkan region!


The region on which the Secondary Archive focuses this time is yet another one with invariably fresh scars from political conflicts, that strongly affect women’s art practices. The traces of the war that torn apart the former Yugoslavia and led to its disintegration are still noticeable, and the echoes of the conflict can still be heard today on particular borders. National identity, belonging, but also the identity of a woman requires constant dynamic reinterpretation. As Valentina Bonizzi says in her essay “A secondary calendar for a secondary archive”, soon available on the Secondary Archive platform – “(…) archives begin to appear when we feel an urgent need to name them”. Secondary Archive is about creating spaces where female artists’ voices can resound and tell stories of their own selves, beyond the hierarchy of patriarchal structures, beyond the conflicts and those who silence them.


The statements of female artists from Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, as well as new critical essays by local curators will be available from the 27rd of October at


The discussion dedicated to the launch of the project will be livestreamed on Facebook.

Please join the event!

Date: 27rd of October.
Time: 6 pm CET / 7 pm EET 




Project leader: Katarzyna Kozyra Foundation

Partners: Tirana Art Lab (Albania), MeetFactory (Czech Republic), Easttopics (Hungary), Oral History Initiative (Kosovo), Center for Cultural Decontamination (Serbia), Björnsonova (Slovakia).

Project coordinator: Paulina Bijoch, Ewa Mielczarek 

Project curator (Poland): Bogna Stefańska 

Production support: Iga Maria Szczepańska, Magdalena Majewska, Asia Tsisar

Project design and identification: Marcel Kaczmarek

Website developers: Aleksandra Gajda



Partner: Tirana Art Lab  
Project coordinators: Adela Demetja
Curatorial team: Adela Demetja, Erida Bendo and Jiří Gruber
Translations: Pavjo Gjini and Koço Bendo
Proofreading (English): Fjollë Bunjaku
Proofreading (Albanian): Diana Malaj  

Website edition: Erida Bendo and Adela Demetja



Partner: Oral History Initiative 

Project coordinatorsRenea Begolli

Curatorial team: Renea Begolli and Erëmirë Krasniqi

Translations: Blerton Ajeti and Donjet Behluli 

Proofreading (English): Fjollë Bunjaku and Jakob Weizman 

Website edition: Renea Begolli



Partner: Center for Cultural Decontamination

Project coordinators: Dejan Vasić

Curatorial team: Mirjana Dragosavljević, Simona Ognjanović, Dejan Vasić and Jelena Vesić

Translations: Dušan Grlja, Luna Đorđević and Vojislava Jovanović

Proofreading (English): Mark Brogan

Proofreading (Serbian): Dušan Grlja and Aleksandra Sekulić



Partner: MeetFactory o.p.s

Project coordinatorsDaniela Šiandorová, Piotr Sikora

Curatorial team:Tereza Porybná, Anežka Rucká, Eva Skopalová, Daniela Šiandorová

Translations: Lucia Kolouchová, Petr Uram

Proofreading (Czech): Zuzana Kolouchová

Website edition: Daniela Šiandorová



Partner: Easttopics

Project coordinators: Róna Kopeczky

Curatorial team: Kata Balázs, Zsófia Farkas, Fruzsina Kigyós, Sára Vilma Nagy, Viktória Popovics, Andrea Soós

Translations: Róna Kopeczky, Andrea Soós

Proofreading (Hungarian): Kata Balázs, Róna Kopeczky, Andrea Soós, Viktória Popovics

Website edition: Róna Kopeczky

Special thanks: Fruzsina Kigyós, Alexandra Nagy



Partner: björnsonova

Project coordinators: Lucia Kvočáková

Curatorial team: Miroslava Urbanová

Translations: Katarína Orlovská

Proofreading (Slovakia): Lucia Kvočáková

Website edition: Lucia Kvočáková


The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.
Visegrad Fund