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Platform for Central and Eastern Europe Women Artists

The aim of the project is to create a platform for cooperation between art institutions in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. The platform will serve as a tool to discover, rediscover and promote the most valuable phenomena in the contemporary art of female artists from the Visegrad countries. The first result of the cooperation between the respective countries will be the launch of the website and the database – unique on the European scale, disseminating the common heritage in the field of contemporary art created by women artists in Visegrad countries, after the year 1989.


The invisibility of works of the women artists from Central and Eastern Europe is the main problem that the project tries to solve. Region of Central Eastern Europe is a „white spot” in the global art world in terms of the presence and the institutional representation of women artists from V4. To eliminate this geographical exclusion we need cooperate between V4 to organize more significant art presentations for the international audience and art professionals and build reliable resources of information and its distribution. Multilevel cooperation between V4 art institutions will enable us not only to preserve our women artists heritage, but also to promote it, both within V4 and on the global scale, and set new horizons for emerging artists and a better start for their careers.



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