Project X

Katarzyna Kozyra, Casting, video, 2010-2011, video still

Katarzyna Kozyra received the 4th annual award presented by the Polish Film Institute/ Museum of Modern Art and the Wajda School at the 39th Film Festival in Gdynia.

According to the Jury, the work distinguishes itself with its innovative concept and radical idea, both of which stem from the longterm artistic practice and Kozyra’s outstanding body of work. “Project X” addresses the important social problem of fighting against cancer, which affected the artist and many times triggered her to create art about her own experience with the disease.

The Journey with X

In her new art project, Kozyra is going to invite X - a woman and cancer patient undergoing the medical treatment - to “travel through” her art (so to speak, to recreate some of Kozyra’s art pieces such as “Olimpia” or “The Rite of Spring”). The artist hopes that radical art will help X cope with the fear of death and disease.

Katarzyna Kozyra, as a person who went through the cancer journey, is going to guide the woman through her treatment. X faces similar challenges as the artist years ago. She also is uncertain about her future and the success of the medical treatment. X, within the framework created by the artist, is going to modify both the dramatic structure and the content of each “chapter” of the story. She is going to write her own scenario, that might potentially differ from the one created and experienced by the artist herself. In addition, the plot resembles a fairy-tale. In the modern world, with its emphasis on success and physical strength, X is perceived as weak, almost invisible (sick/weak/anonymous/woman). She is going through difficult challenges to regain her visibility.


Katarzyna Kozyra Foundation is the producer of the project.